Here at Red Dot Extreme, our goal has always been to create the best optics the world has seen. We continue to work with leading athletes who choose us over other big name brands for our high quality lenses enabling them to out perform in all conditions. 

We work with specialised companies in Switzerland and Germany to develop the best lens quality for our products, ensuring you can push harder and go further. 

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Customer reviews
I am a big fan of Red Dot Extreme, super clean lenses and easy interchangeability. I have been running them for a while now and am really impresses with how they have held up.
— Lachie
I have been using and promoting the best goggles (RDX) on the market since I started my Rally Racing and they have exceeded my expectation at Dakar 2021. The support provided enabled me to get to Dakar 2021 and was also an essential part of getting me across the line.
— Andrew Houlihan
I've been using RDX googles all over the world, from the Victorian mountain roads to the Finke desert race to the Dakar Rally. I have tried other big named googles and RDX and by far the best!  I love the quick-release lenses on the magnotecs and the ease of cleaning of these lenses as well. Nothing like an Australian product!
— Michael Burges

Lewis Stewart


Red Dot Extreme, where innovation meets passion. Our ongoing commitment to grass roots sports and athlete support has enables us to continually test and innovate, redefining the possibilities.

RDX was founded by Stuart Biggins an athlete, entrepreneur and father. His experience with big brand eyewear led to his realisation that there was an opportunity fix the issues he was having by working with leading lens manufacturing in Asia and Europe.

In the early days, we'd keyed the revolutionary Magnotec and Magnoforce Goggles which enhanced the entire riding experience and today we've yet again pushed our manufacturing into Germany ensuring that the lenses are top of the line!